Western Fast Foods


Fillers, started over a decade ago, has revolutionised the concept of Vegetarian Western food. It has pioneered the concept of providing clean, healthy, quick, affordable and non-messy food, while promoting social awareness.

After being a phenomenal success in Calcutta and Bangalore. Fillers introduced a concept of Franchising.

Serving up a delectable menu that include Burgers, Pizzas, Sandwiches, Veg. Mexican, Icecreams & Coolers. All at reasonable prices, while never compromising on quality and service.



Activate your taste buds at

26 Jatin Bagchi Road
(Vivekananda Park)
Calcutta 700029
Call 2463 2277

205 Block CF Sector I
(Opp. Swimming Pool)
Calcutta 700064
Call 2337 3645