Nowlakha Family


THE NOWLAKHA FAMILY OF AZIMGANJ is a well – known family which belongs to the Oswal community of the Jains, who migrated to Bengal in 1752 from Bikaneer, Rajputana, and settled in Azimganj, in the District of Murshidabad.

The family was originally known by different titles, but according to popular belief, one of its ancestors having given to his daughter a dowry of nine lakhs of rupees on her marriage, the title of “Nowlakha” was popularly bestowed on and readily accepted by the family.



2017 Garden Cafe at Nafar Kundu Road Hazra
2017 5 new Sri Sri Tattwa Ayurveda stores
2016 Restructuring of Europe completed
2015 Became a member of ICOMOS
2014 Franchisee of  Garden Cafe in Hazra.
2013 Franchisee of  Garden Cafe in Kankurgachi.
2012 Restructuring of Shankra Europe.
2011 Franchisee of  Garden Cafe Express in Kankurgachi.
2010 Founded Murshidabad Heritage Development Society .
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2009 Franchisee of  Garden Cafe Express at Keyatala.
2008 Started Shristi Advisory Service Pvt.Ltd. A Real-Estate Trading Co.
2006 Started a self help group to recycle plastic and worked during Silver Jublee as an ambassador of The Art Of Living
2005 Consultant for Spa projects with an Ayurvedic Dubai.
2004 Sold the Bangalore Restaurant .
2003 India's first joint venture restaurant with Hindustan Petroleum - Club Bites.
2001 Started Angan, a rajasthani theme restaurant.
2000 Opened the World's first New Age Cafe 'Starlit Cafe in Calcutta.
1999 Took over a Tea Trading Company and franchised a cafe in Darjleeing to Emami Group.
1998 Started a Premium snack manufacturing facility 'Jiggis'.
1997 Consolidated the business and future plans were made.
1996 Opened a Franchised Outlet of Fillers in Calcutta.
1995 Developed a master plan for Franchising Fillers.
Opened an office and Restaurant in Bangalore.
1994 Consolidated the business operations.
Opened two Fillers Vegetarian Western - Fast food Outlets in Calcutta.
1993 Developed 0verseas business in Russia, Middle East & USA for Export of Herbal Products.
1992 Set up an agro forestry Project.
1991 Developed a Fast Food Management Training Program.
1990 Vice President Rockfield Industries Corporation.
Developed project report for Swiss Confectionery in India.
Developed project reports for Russia and Singapore for vegetarian fast food cafe.
Bought a Coffee Plantation in South India.
1989 Started work as a consultant on a sick Resort in Calcutta.
Opened the first Roof Top Cafe in Calcutta.
Worked for West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation as a consultant to set-up a fast food chain in Calcutta.
Established branch of Garden Cafe at Jaipur.
1988 Started a Consultancy division and Computerization.
1987 Set up a unit called Hot and Cold and a unit called Round the Corner for unemployed youth.
1986 Worked to get Swiss collaboration for Ice Cream Manufacturing unit in India.
1985 Took over a sick unit called Corner Cafe.
1983 Project on National Awareness on use of Solar Energy with Solar Powered balloons.
1982 Setting up a National Marketing Networking for a High Temperature Lubricant (Made first time in India).
1981 Took over a sick unit called Garden Cafe.


Add speaker at the European Parliament on alternative medicine -Ayurveda
Membership of ICOMOS and INTACH both for the heritage work.
Devotee of Sri Poojya Ravi Shankarji since 1987.
Worked for Mother Teresa and affiliated to Boys Town to rehabilitate young boys to self sufficiency.
Running a free medical dispensary in Calcutta treating average 15,000 patients a year since 1982.
Active member of Vedanta Study Group & Vedanta Life Institute for the personal development.
Counseling to youth on personal problem of life.
Sponsored the first Anti Drug Campaign in Calcutta by youth.
Sponsored Rotaract Anti drug Campaign
Involved with VIVEK Children program with toys & games.
Advisor to International Children Peace Council.
Work for development of low cost housing project in India.
Working with 200 Children on Malnutrition Project and Developing an algae for a prototype production unit.
Member of a team developing a Spiritual Resort in Bangalore.
Hosted the 2nd International Children World Peace Council in 1 990 at Pondicherry
Advisory Member to United Nations of Youth, India, and the Centre for Future Education
Under the International Association for Human Values Hosted the World Environment day.
Established the Murshidabad Heritage Development Society.
Opening a Vocational Training School in Murshidabad Jiaganj.
Speaker at the Ethics and Business Conference, UN Geneva.
Member of the Alternative Medical Association Europe.


1986 Diploma in Hotel Management Switzerland
1985 Marketing Management
1984 Business Management
1983 Diploma in Computers
1982 Diploma in Self Management


Marketing food services
Restructuring of sick business enterprise
Social work